Friday, January 30, 2009

SUPER BOWL and the SOBE Lizard! Unique Wall Art

SOBE Lava Lizard Bottle SUPER BOWL! One of the ads for the Super Bowl will be featuring the SOBE Lizard! He's a funny little lizard that likes to do all kinds of things. If you'd like to have a piece of unique glass art that features the SOBE Lizard that will make all your friends jealous and remind you of the Super Bowl all year long, then check out this glass piece pictured here that's in my Artfire shop. And if that's not one of the Lizards you like, check out my Flickr pictures that has 2 other pieces of the SOBE Lizard bottles made into great wall art or decorative dishes. There's dozens of things you can do with these great little bottles. But make sure to get yours early! These are the only 3 I have. If the one you want isn't the one on Artfire, contact me and let me know and I'll change it out for you. Remember, these won't last long.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Business Cards-2

KayzKreationz Business Card Ok, the consensus has been that the one without my name repeated is the better of the two. However, I've also had a couple of suggestions about changing the font for the middle of the card, making it simpler/cleaner and aligning everything one way or another as opposed to in the middle. So, I've tweaked the card a little, (still working on the photos) and here's what I've got now. Do you think this is even better? Easier to read perhaps? I don't favor putting my phone number on as yet, since it is my cell and the only phone number I have. I feel like they can e-mail me or visit one of my sites if they really want to order. Also, when I get my own website redone, I'll have that on here and they'll be able to contact me from that. So, what do you think folks? Is this the winner?
As an aside, someone also suggested perhaps putting product photos on the back of the card? Do you feel like that would be a good idea? Thanks for all the help and suggestions you've given me so far. I really appreciate it.

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Business Cards

KayzKreationz Business Card Hi all. I'm trying to redo my business cards to better show what I do and get a brand/name going for my business. So far these are the 2 styles I've come up with. Basically the same except for leaving the name out from under the banner. Which one do you think works better? Also, do you have any other ideas/suggestions? I think the KayzKreationz Business Cardphotos are a little dark, but wanted a couple of pictures of my work on there besides the plate in the banner. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks.
In the meantime, if you're looking for unique glass items for your home or garden, check out my Etsy shop or my Artfire shop, both KayzKreationz
You can also see these in my flickr account. They may be easier to see there.

Threadkillers, Treasury and Mini Pyramid Beach Sandscape

Woohoo! My mini pyramid Beach Sandscape made a treasury last night. It is made up of shops from threadkillers. If you don't know what a threadkiller is it's someone who posts in a thread on a forum and no-one posts after them so the thread dies. Thus "threadkiller". However, there's a twist. In some posts someone will offer a prize to the one who kills the thread for 24 hours. Guess what? That thread NEVER dies. LOL Now I've been participating in several threadkiller threads and while I seem to be able to kill about 1/2 the threads I post in, so far I've only killed one of these. I think everyone forgot about it. Anyway, Clayitagain, one of the participants in these threads, snagged a Treasury and featured items from 12 of the "killers" that post in these threads. So check out the treasury, click on the items, leave a comment, perhaps buy something that captures your fancy and just enjoy. Here's the Treasury.
For great jewelry for yourself or as gifts for your loved one, check out STRINGandSTONES. She does beautiful necklaces and earrings out of sterling silver and gemstones.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bella Casa -- Beautiful Home: Etsy Blog Party & Giveaways!!!

Bella Casa -- Beautiful Home: Etsy Blog Party & Giveaways!!!

Etsy Party

Hey all there's a party going on. Check it out. It's an Etsy party. And it features a bunch of great giveaways by some great Etsy shops. It's going on all week. So click here or check out the button for the party on the right. It will be a blast.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I've been tagged!

Don't forget to check out the post below about being featured on FabulousHandmadeFinds.
Hi all, I've been tagged by SassyGlassDesigns! I wasn't sure what that meant, so I read her rules and then went back to her blog to see what to do. So here goes. First, here are 7 random things about me:
1. My most favorite actor is Bruce Boxleitner from Scarecrow and Mrs. King.
2. I would love to be able to design websites.
3. I love the old nintendo games and beat Mario Brothers.
4. Horse was about the first word out of my mouth when I was a baby (foifey-since I couldn't say horsey) Starting a life-long love of horses.
5. I think I could live on chocolate, especially dark chocolate, but it needs to have pecans, almonds or peanuts in it.
6. My DH and I have been to Argentina, Russia, Chile, and are hoping to go to Peru this year. We love South America.
7. I love Western and Southwest things.

Ok, here's the rules for the ones I'll tag now:
Link to the person who tagged you
Post the Rules in your Blog
Write 7 Random things about yourself
Tag 7 people at the end of your post and link to them
Let each Person know they've been tagged

Tag, you're it.
1. Ecogeneration
2. CraftyEquine
3. DropofSunshine
4. HoneyBearBeads
5. FusedGlass
6. CraftedGreetings
7. HeatherKnitz
Tag, you're it. :)

Featured on Fabulous Handmade Finds-Mini Pyramid Sandscape

Mini Pyramid Sandscape Today I got an e-mail that my Etsy shop KayzKreationz had been featured in a blog post on Fabulous Handmade Finds. They featured my Mini Pyramid Sandscape. This 4" triangular work of art can also be personalized either with your choice of shells, rocks, etc. or by adding a small sentiment etched on one of the bevels. If interested in that you can convo me. They also featured my Artfire shop.
Another great shop was featured also. STRINGandSTONES was featured along with her fabulous Carnelian necklace. Check her out if you're looking for some great gifts for your loved one in the near future.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blue and the new Treasury I'm in.

Yay! Got a convo this morning that my Blue fused glass stripe plate is featured in a treasury. There are some great things in the treasury by FleurDelrk. Check it out and give it some love. And click on some of the great treasures featured here (including mine) :)

Horses, Dreamcatchers and a Great Giveaway

Crafty Equine Dreamcatcher I love horses and all things horses. So I was excited to find this great blog Crafty Equine. She has horses, too and has a lot of horse items in her etsy and artfire shops. Well today I'm letting you know she has a great giveaway going. Check out this Dreamcatcher she is giving away and click on the picture to find out how to enter.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Horses, Mustangs, Southwest and the Shop of the Day

Galloping mustangs I love horses. They're such a graceful, beautiful animal. It's amazing to watch them. And if you're fortunate enough to have one as a friend, there's no greater joy. Mine used to follow me around for walks like a dog, right behind me, sometimes with her head almost on my shoulder as we walked. And wild mustangs are in a class all on their own. So today's shop HossLass really touches my heart. She has original artwork of mustangs, like the one pictured here and candle art and notebooks/journals featuring horses and southwest themes. So if horses or the southwest is a passion with you, you'll love her items. More are pictured in the box on the right. Click on her shop name or the box and transfer yourself into a special world.
And if stained or fused glass is something you're into, then check out my shop KayzKreationz. I love to make glass items for your home and garden. And for great Sterling silver and gemstone jewelry, check out STRINGandSTONES. You'll love her jewelry designs.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wild Dog Studio--Great Blog Giveaway

Hey all, I just found out about a great blog giveaway. WildDogStudio is having a giveaway on their blog "Howling at the Moon" They've got a great little fused glass pendant you can win by leaving a comment. But don't leave too many. I intend to win. LOL

Friday, January 9, 2009

Why don't we write anymore? Shop of the Day

In browsing through the shop of the day yesterday to pick some items to feature, I realized, most people don't write anymore. I think that's sad. Even though it's nice to get e-mails/instant messages, because they're quick and keep us in touch faster, it's still so much nicer to get a letter or card. I love the anticipation of walking up to the mailbox (mine's about 1/4 mile away-I'm in the country) and wondering if I got a letter or card today. And it's so exciting when you do. You can't wait to get it open and read what the sender has written. I realize we're all much busier than we used to be, but writing cards and letters is so calming and therapeutic. And it MAKES us slow down a little and maybe remember good things again. My mom, sister and I regularly send each other cards, "just because". Cards that are cute, funny, sentimental. And I love them all. My sister loves cats, so whenever I see a cute/funny cat card I just have to get it and send it. My mom loves vintage type things. Even my brother sends cards every one in a while. It just makes someone's day. So with that in mind, check out today's shop PaintedMemoriesByRos. She has some fine, unique note cards, in singles and boxed sets featuring her original artwork. They're great. Get yourself one or two or a whole box and set out to make someone's day by sending a card. There's 2 examples of her cards in the box to the right, but check out her shop and find many more great cards.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Great handcrafted journals, notebooks, gift tag booklets and polymer clay pendants.

Love to write? Know someone who does? Need a unique journal to keep all your thoughts in? Or a notebook or journal to give as a gift to someone who loves to write? What about a really different polymer clay pendant or even notebook with polymer clay on it to decorate it? Then today's shop is just for you. Uberart has all of these things and more. Check out a couple of her items in the box on the right. I love the little gift tag booklets. Small enough to even carry in your purse.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All things Texas, horses, outhouses and Shop of the Day

Red Texas Glass Kiln Carving I love Texas. All things Texas. So today's shop tickled me with 2 things I usually associate with Texas. (Yes I know, the outhouse is mainly a country thing, for anywhere) PinkParchmentSoaps has the cutest soaps in all sorts of shapes and designs. And best of all they're made with natural ingredients! For just a glimpse of what she's got take a peek at the horse head soap and the outhouse soap in the box to the right. I love horses, so that one really appealed to me. And the outhouse just made me laugh. Now we all need soaps so this is a great shop to visit.
However, if you want something Texas but not something that will disappear shortly (after it's used up) check out my Texas kiln carving pictured here. You can find it at my shops on either Etsy or Artfire. There's all kinds of unique glass items in either shop.And if you don't necessarily want something Texas, but want to support a newbie from Texas and help her get her first sale check out STRINGandSTONES for some gorgeous jewelry.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love to Sew? Love to Decorate? Check out Today's Shop

Pink Black Magnolia fabric I used to sew. When my boys were younger and even later on, I would make them clothes, make dresses for me and even made complete Snow Ski outfits for the whole family so we would match when we were on the slopes. I'll have to see if I can find some pictures of that. But if you like to sew and decorate, then today's shop is for you. Check out BrickHouseFabrics for some great novelty fabrics for your decorating needs. They carry an extensive line of fabrics in all kinds of prints for everyone's tastes and favorites. You can see a couple in the box to the right and here's another one of my favorites. Maybe because I love Nature things. So if you're looking to spruce something up, or just feel like decorating something, check them out.
And if you're ready to spruce your garden up for the spring, check out KayzKreationz for plant stakes, windchimes, garden twirlers, birdfeeders and more.
And to spruce yourself up, check out STRINGandSTONES for some gorgeous jewelry. Have a special occasion coming up? She's got something that would make a great gift for your loved one.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Silver, the New Shop of the Day and ETC First Monday Sale

If you love silver, this shop is for you. MareaStudioDesigns features great jewelry from silver, copper and some brass. Take a peek at some of her designs in the box on the right or check out her shop. You'll love her jewelry with some gemstones incorporated into them.

Also, the ETC (Etsy Texas Crafters) team, of which I'm a member, is having their First Monday sale today until midnight. Check out this thread for some great bargains from Texas Etsy artists/crafters.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Treasury West - 4 x 3 My glass featured!

Treasury West 4 x 3 Yay, I got home last night to find out I'd been featured in a Treasury West! Abbasgirl took 4 artists and featured 3 of their items in her Treasury. She showcased 1 of my fused glass pendants, my Copper and Jasper wire-wrapped pendant and my Blue Glass Stripe plate. Here's a picture of it and here's the link if you want to check it out and leave a comment. Thanks.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Red is such a Cheery color-Jewelry and Glass

Red sterling silver and carnelian necklace I love Red. It is such a cheery color. It always makes me feel better. But it also brings out passion in people. Whether it is passion for someone or something. It can brighten our day and cheer us up, especially if it's the color of something someone has given us. If you're looking to cheer yourself or someone else up, or just make someone's day, check out this great Red coral and pearl necklace and earring set. It's certain to do just that. And you can also help make STRINGandSTONES day by giving her that 1st sale! And if coral and pearls aren't quite your thing, but you still love red and that chunky look, take a peek at this gorgeous Carnelian necklace. It's great.
But if jewelry isn't what you're after, then I've got some great glass items that are either red or have red in them. Things for your home and garden, like a cute ladybug plant stake for your potted plants or flower bed, or this pretty little Mosaic birdfeeder with 3 little birdhouses in it. Or even this great red Poinsettia glass panel. You can find them at KayzKreationz.