Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sorry for not updating

I just noticed I hadn´t updated since the end of July. We've been so busy with the volunteer work we've been doing in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, I just haven't had as much time as I'd like for my blogging or my glass. Plus we found out just before we came back home this week for a spell, that our well had basically "gone dry". The water table has dropped about 150' here where we're at because of the prolonged drought (some are saying it's the worst in 50 years) so the water level dropped below where the pump was and since we weren't here it kept trying to pump water and burned itself up, melted the casing, something has dropped into the bottom of the well and the bad news is: We have to drill a completely new well! :( We were hoping he could get to it this week while we've been home, but no go. So hopefully he'll get it done next week. We've had a trickle of water, so he put a new pump on it (down far enough that the water pushes back up a little to cover it) and it pumps for a few minutes and partially fills the pressure tank and then shuts off. Then a little while later when the water comes back up it pumps again for a little while. Basically, we've got enough water to take a shower, then wait about 15 minutes or so and can take another shower or possibly wash a load of clothes. Can't do any of my outside work I needed to do. But hopefully that will get fixed this next week. If so, I'll be taking some pics of the new well being drilled and posting about them. Thanks to all who've been thinking about us and sending thoughts our way.