Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Designs Head to Tucson!

Yay!  Heard from Bill at ZNETSHOWS late Sunday and they picked 3 of my 4 designs to take to Tucson for the Bead show with them.  They'll be displaying them in their booth and offering them for sale.  More than anything else, I'm just pleased and honored at being asked to be part of their design team and having them decide they liked 3 of my designs well enough to take with them to Tucson. Here's the pieces they wanted to take with them.  Hope they do well in Tucson.  I'm still working on a couple of ideas/designs for the rest of the Cultured Sea Glass they sent me.  I've got some great daggers I want to use in a necklace and a couple of pieces already wire-wrapped, just waiting for dangles to be attached for earrings.  The pieces will be for sale, either in my Etsy shop, here on my blog or on my facebook page, KayzKreationzGlassKreationz after they're returned to me from Tucson.
If you're looking for Stained Glass, Mosaics or Fused Glass items for your Home or Garden or some of my other Wire-wrapped, copper jewelry or my Mom's jewelry be sure to check out my Etsy shop, KayzKreationz.
To see all of my designs go to this POST

Friday, January 25, 2013

Nina Designs blog partner

A couple of months ago I contacted DeAnna at Nina Designs about being a blog partner of theirs. I had seen another blog I follow mention this and it sounded exciting. They told me they were't accepting partners at that time, but they would keep me in mind. At about the end of December they contacted me about being their blog partner for January. I was so excited. They would send me some of their wonderful products and I was to do a blog post about them. I could make things with them, do a giveaway, whatever I wanted. I just needed to write about it, show pictures and what I would do with their wonderful products. This is what I received. Isn't it great? Doesn't it just get your creative juices flowing?
Unfortunately, about the time I received their product, my neighbor decided to shoot and kill my sweet dog, Cheyenne. We don't know why as he has denied doing it. But it left me in a bit of a funk and I just couldn't seem to get anything created or accomplished.
But I've gotten past it a little and have been having all kinds of ideas for their products they sent me. For instance, with the adorable little branch beads, I can totally see a little owl bead/charm peeking out from some acrylic/glass leaf beads.  Now I just have to find some little owls or birds to go with them.  
With these brass leaves I decided they should be a pair of earrings with some little berry beads and glass leaves accentuating them.  And these little teardrop pieces were just calling to me to put a pearl inside each of the three teardrops.  So here's Berries and Leaves Earrings and Teardrops of Pearls Earrings.  What do you think of them?

I can't wait to get started on the rest of my ideas for their components.  Nina Designs has so many other great components and pieces. Plus there's this great purple silk and green leather, that I haven't decided how I want to use it yet.  The leaves can be found here, the branches are found here, the teardrops are here. You really need to check out their site to see what you can't live without. LOL
Stay tuned. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll have the rest of my ideas/pieces finished for you to check out. The 2 pair of earrings will be listed in my Etsy shop, KayzKreationz shortly.  To close out, here's my sweet Cheyenne.

(The materials above were provided as part of the Nina Designs blogging program. The author of this blog has not received any payment from above-mentioned company. The post above represents only personal opinion of the blog author.) 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm on the Design Team for ZNETSHOWS

About 3 weeks ago, Bill from ZNETSHOWS contacted me, saying he really liked my blog and my jewelry 'kreationz'.  He was getting ready for the Tucson Gem Mall and he said, although they make great 'sea glass' items they don't design very well.  So he was looking for some designers to send a sample box of their sea glass and crystal components.  In exchange, we would design jewelry with the pieces, send him our pictures, and if our designs were chosen, they would pay for us to ship the jewelry to them and they would display it at the Tucson Gem Mall show.  We would also need to send a business card or two and have ID tags on our jewelry to identify it as ours.  This sounded like a great opportunity and so much fun, so I agreed.  I eagerly awaited my package and here it is.  It contained some clear faceted crystal beads, some light green faceted beads, etched and smooth 'sea glass' pendants, some light teal dagger beads and chips, some light green oval beads and some silver heart and square components.  Aren't they great?
I started thinking about what I could do with them and immediately came up with the idea for my Romance Dangle Earrings.  I checked out a couple of color palettes and really liked the pink with the light green for these earrings.  Then I got the idea of using some silk/nylon ribbons I had just made and squishing them together in between some of the glass beads and the silver square beads for this Romance Bracelet.  I checked another color palette and loved the oranges with the light greens. It reminded me of Autumn, so out came Sweet Autumn necklace with the small orange agate beads from my stash, the light green faceted beads, the clear faceted crystal beads and the silver hearts.  I had 3 silver/pewter leaves that I color/patina'd with some patina inks I've been playing with and attached them.  Then I had this remnant of this great ruffly ribbon that just seemed to call out to be in this necklace. I was actually only going to use a small piece of it and attach a heart toggle clasp I had, but I think it like it long like this. It will slip right over your head. Finally, I had 3 more light green large beads/pendants and decided to wrap them with copper and add the orange agate beads for another fall/autumn themed bracelet. It also has 3 little dangles on the lobster claw clasp.  It's call All Wrapped Up. 

So I've sent my pictures in and hopefully, my designs will be chosen and taken to Tucson for display. I can't wait to hear whether they're good enough.  When they're returned to me, they'll be available either in my Etsy shop, KayzKreationz, here on my blog or on my facebook page, KayzKreationzGlassKreationz.  So be sure to check back.  Do you like them? And if you're looking for some great Cultured Sea Glass Beads to design with be sure to check out ZNETSHOWS.  And be sure to check out the other design team members HERE.