Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Working in the Yard-Finally!

After being gone for so long, my yard really went to pot.  Most of the plants died and everything grew over.  Since I've been back, I've been working mainly in the house, trying to get it back in shape.  But I finally couldn't stand it anymore.  And even though the temps been 100 and over and the heat index has been anywhere from 105-110, I braved the sun and heat to go work in the yard.  My first project was to get the bed around my miniature crepe myrtle all weeded out, the fire ants gone (got bit several times for that effort), plastic down around everything and remulched.  Then I found a great RED Lantana and my little pot from Mexico that lays on it's side, which I planted with some Blue Daze and Rose Moss.  Finally, got my hubby to go with me to the Landfill, which now has compost and mulch for sale and got a load on the trailer to bring home and mulch everything.  And Voila!  At least one bed is done.  Now to get the rest of the 1-acre yard redone!  But I love it.  Hope you enjoy the pics.
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