Monday, October 31, 2011

This Week's Featured HAF Artist/Team-Reef Botanicals

I love handmade/handcrafted soaps and facial products.  That's why I really love this weeks featured HAF shop, Reef BotanicalsLarissa and Eric are the owners of Reef Botanicals.  It offers Handcrafted Soaps and other Indulgences.  They handcraft all the products themselves, from their own recipes without using any pre-made bases.  They use only all natural ingredients with essential oils, instead of synthetic oils. (I love essential oiles).  They use the same standard for any colorants used in the wonderful products.  Most of their soaps are suitable for vegans and they never test any of their products on animals. (As an animal lover, I really appreciate that.)  Doesn't this just sound Delicious?  Chocolate Decadence Pillar Candle?  As a Chocoholic, this one sounds good enough to eat. LOL
And what a great way to relax, with these Vanilla Latte Bath Salts, scented with Coffee Essential oil and just a touch of Vanilla Essential oil.  They also include Dead Sea Salt and its rare elements, unrefined Pink Himalayan Salt with its 84 minerals, well-balanced Organic French Grey Salt, Epsom Salt, and Dendritic Salt. They're formulated to give you the most benefit from the minerals and elements and to hold their scents better and longer than other bath salts. Just a scoop or two will make every bath an event.  So check out their great shop, Reef Botanicals.  I'm sure you'll find something to love.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hammered Copper Wire-Wrapped Beaded Bracelet

I love Copper.  And copper is supposed to be a healing metal.  That's why my newest listing for this Hammered, Copper Wire-wrapped Beaded Bracelet is so great.  It's made of all copper and has a natural patina on it.  It basically is an adjustable bracelet.  The little dangles really add some bling to the copper and the wire wrapping.  What do you think?  Do you like Copper?  You can find it here:  Copper Bracelet
I also make Stained Glass, Mosaic and Fused Glass Kreationz for your Home and Garden.  Be sure to check out my shop, KayzKreationz for great pieces.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Featured HAF Shop-ME! KayzKreationz

Yay! I was pleasantly surprised this morning to wake up and find out I'm the Featured Shop for the HAFteam this week.  I love my glass. I make Stained Glass like this Poinsettia Panel, which I'm offering 10% off this week while I'm featured, if you put "HAF blog" in your convo to me on Etsy in my shop, KayzKreationz

And I make Mosaics, like this Mosaic Birdhouse Birdfeeder, which makes a great gift, either for yourself or a gardening, birdfeeding friend or family member.  In fact, one of my Mosaic Birdfeeders will be featured in the December/January issue of a National Magazine.  More on that later.

I also make Fused Glass items, like these Blue Tealight Candle Holders or this Bud Lite Beer Bottle Windchime, which would make a great gift for the Beerlover in your family or a friend.

So, if you're looking for something unique for yourself, loved one or as a gift, check out all my Stained Glass, Mosaics and Fused Glass items in my Etsy shop, KayzKreationz or my Zibbet shop, KayzKreationz.  Plus, watch for my Mosaic Birdfeeder feature in a National Magazine soon.  And watch for the First Annual Virtual Craft Fair I'm participating in Nov. 26-Dec. 3.  There will even be a Giveaway!  Thanks for stopping by.  Please feel free to leave a comment.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First Annual Craft Show

I'm so excited. I'm going to be participating in the First Annual Craft Show held by Lori at Pretty Things blog.  It's going to be going on Nov. 26-Dec. 3rd.  There will be 70 artists participating.  We'll have specials on our handcrafted items.  And there will be giveaways.  Stay tuned to find out more and see what I'll be giving away.  Meanwhile, check out my shop, KayzKreationz on Etsy to see if there's anything you want either now or during the Craft Show.  I'll be filling it up with more great Stained Glass, Mosaics and Fused Glass items, plus Jewelry before the show.  And coming in December, one of my Mosaice Birdfeeders will be featured in the December/January issue of a National Magazine.  Stay tuned to find out which one and get one of my OOAK handcrafted Mosaic birdfeeders for yourself and your garden or for a bird-loving friend.  Here's one for you to check out.
Check it out here:  Mosaic Birdhouse Birdfeeder

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another HAF Featured Artist-Jewelry By Janelle

I missed the opportunity last week to post about the first HAF featured artist-Jewelry By Janelle.  So I wanted to post here about her great work and shop.  Janelle was a passionate lover of handmade.  She has passed on, but her shop is still open with some of her great work.  She was unique in her work and made wonderful, remarkable things with wood.  All of the proceeds from her shop are contributed to her estate.  Zebrawood was one of her favorite woods, so check out some of these wonderful, beautiful Wooden wonders.  Like this Zebrawood donut pendant which was handshaped, sanded and buffed to a lovely shine and finished with a pretty brown organza ribbon:

She has many more great Wood pieces in her shop: Jewelry By Janelle for your liking.
And don't forget to scroll down to the next post for the Featured Artist this week: Colettes Boutique. Some wonderful Wire-wrapped Jewelry!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Featured Artist: Colette Kimon

This week's featured artist is Colette Kimon from Colettesboutique on Etsy.  She hales from Morgantown, West Virginia and makes wonderful jewelry.  She started in 2004 while she was out of work and has kept right on.  She loves to discover and learn new techniques and likes her jewelry to reflect her personality.  She has even had her work featured in the September 2011 issue of Art Jewelry Magazine!  What an accomplishment.  She is a member of the HAF (Handmade Artists Forum) team and the Etsy Project Embrace Team.  She's also on Facebook at Colettesboutique.  Her favorite materials to use in her jewelry are Sterling Silver, Gemstones and Swarovski Crystals.  Isn't this Wisteria Sterling Silver and Amethyst bracelet gorgeous?  So be sure to check out her shop Collettesboutique on Etsy and find something you can't live without.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Interview with Etsy Seller mrhanz about his Luxury Leather Goods and Coupon

I recently found this shop on Etsy, mrhanz.  He's from Java Island makes and sells Luxury Leather Goods, wallets, belts, passport holders and more.  They're wonderful. He makes them out of exotic leathers like Python, Cobra, Buffalo and more.  So I asked him a few questions about how and why he got started.  Read on for his interview:
1. How did you get started making your items?   In the beginning, I started making watch straps for my personal use. Then friends started asking me to make other accessories (wallets, key chains, belts,etc).

2. How long have you been making them? And how long have you been selling them?  I've been making my items for a few years, but I only started selling them since last year. I've only started selling on etsy about 2 months ago.
3. Do you make these items yourself?  Yes, I make my items myself, although some of the designs were created by what my friends have requested.
4. About how long does it take you to make an item?  It depends on the designs and the availability of the materials.
5. What pushed you to make your items and sell them?  It was a personal hobby of mine, but I've never thought that other people would like to buy them. I take pride in my products, when I go out, I usually wear my own watch strap, wallets, belts, mobile phone case. That's how I get my sales from local buyers, actually. My friends see them and buy from me. When they wear my products, their friends will also be interested. So, I got a lot of repeat buyers.
6. What prompted you to use the materials you use? The calf leathers, buffalo, python skin, cobra and others?  I personally like leather products. I think they are more durable and can last longer than other materials. I use genuine materials only because I want to present my buyers with quality products. Snakeskin is one of the hottest trends this year, especially for women's products (wallets, purses, shoes).
7. How hard is it to get your materials for your items?  I purchase my materials from trusted suppliers. They have a higher price compared to other suppliers, but I can rest assured because their qualities are genuine. For me, I think it's a bit harder to find calf leather that suit my needs. As I hand-pick each leather and skin myself, I will only purchase the materials that are high qualities, something that I see I can wear myself. Which is why, I have limited products in calf leather.  For snakeskin, it's easier to find, but for some colors, I sometimes have to wait until it's available in my suppliers.
8. Where else do you sell your items?  I sell on etsy for international orders. For local orders, I sell using my facebook page. I also get regular orders from a boutique at a high end mall.  I've also been getting sales from local repeat buyers. 
Here's one of his great Passport holders from Python:
Now, for my Blog readers, mrhanz is offering a 10% discount code valid until Nov. 7th.  Just use OCTMRHANZ909 for your coupon when you check out.  Be sure to check out all his other great items.  2 more are featured in the Featured Shop of the Day at the top right of my blog.