Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Silk Color Challenge

DON'T FORGET TO VOTE, Voting ends today!  Marsha Neal is having a fun challenge. She has wonderful silks and has come up with a challenge using her silks and silk colors. You have to find an inspiration (photo or something) and then pick up to 10 silks that feature colors in your inspiration. I found a wonderful photo of some autumn colors and picked 10 colors (actually I had 14 at first and had to change it) that I felt were found in the photo.  You then have to make them into a Mosaic and starting next Monday, people start voting on their favorite palettes.  Plus you can buy the palettes that are made if they have the most votes.  I've called my Silk Challenge mosaic Autumn Tranquility. So please check it out and vote on it starting next Monday, the 18th.  Here's a picture of my Mosaic, Autumn Tranquility.  Vote here: Marsha Neal, starting Monday.