Sunday, December 16, 2012

Family Color Challenge

My daughter-in-law and her mother were here (along with my son and my DIL's father, too) over Thanksgiving.  Karla (the mother) and I were involved in Erin Prais-Hintz' Color Challenge using color palette's made from pictures of various parts of the earth. It was great. For that reveal, click here.  We all got to bead together and have fun. Chelsea, (my DIL) was making a necklace and earrings for  Erin's Toast of the Town challenge that Karla and I had done about a month ago.For that reveal, click here.  Anyway, a couple of weeks later, Karla and I were at a Bead show and decided we'd like to try another color challenge.  So I got on Design-Seeds and found a wonderful palette.  She has the most amazing color palette's.  I'm trying to save my money and buy at least one of her color palette books.  This is the color palette I found.  So, Karla, Chelsea and I are all challenging ourselves to make something with this color palette.  Our goal is to have it done by the 31st of January and then post on my blog and Karla's blog, Texas Pepper Jams what we've created.  Chelsea doesn't have a blog, so I'll post her creation here.  However, we're all supposed to get together the 26th of January in Louisiana for a Grand Funk concert.  So we've decided to try to get our pieces done by then and then all wear them to the concert and see how 3 people interpret the same color palette differently.  It should be a blast.  If you'd like to play along, here's the Color Palette: 

If you do play along, be sure to give credit to Design Seeds for the palette when you post it on your blog.  Our post date is the 31st of January for the challenge.  So keep tuned.
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