Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Beaded Bookmarks, Little Red Fused Bowl and other things all Glass

Little Red Fused Glass Bowl
Within the last 2 days I've been contacted about 2 different items in my Etsy shop: KayzKreationz being featured on blogs. I love the Etsy community and the fact that most are so willing to help others. My first item featured is my Little Red Fused Glass Bowl. This has so many different uses. You can put it on your dresser/nightstand to hold your rings, jewelry and other things. It can hold a small candle for a romantic feel, it can be used for a small candy dish. See how many other uses you can think of for it and then treat Silver and Turquoise Beaded Bookmarkyourself by purchasing it to use or as a gift. :)
My second item is my Silver and Turquoise beaded bookmark. I love reading and like unique ways to mark my place. So this bookmark came about. It's just the right size for a small book. But you could use it to mark a recipe in a cookbook or other things. It too would make a great gift for that book lover you know, whether it's you or someone else.
Be sure to check out KayzKreationz for other great Stained Glass, Mosaics and Fused Glass items for your home and garden, too. I make all kinds of things from glass and they make great gifts for yourself or someone else.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Great Web Design

My sons have always loved computers, programming and web design. After doing it just in their spare time and working for others, they recently decided to start their own business designing and programming web pages. They do a really great job. The oldest has been doing this for about 10 years or more, even working for EBay. The youngest has been building web pages for small businesses and independent businesses or people since he was a teen. He is fluent in Spanish too, so is also able to help ones that want their web page in Spanish or Spanish translation on their webpages. So they decided they might as well be doing this for themselves. And although there are lots of do-it-yourself webpage design programs out there, they seldom can really make your Web page/business stand out like it needs to, to get the traffic and business you want and need. So if you're looking to get a Web page for your business, or just looking to dress it up or redesign it to really expand your business, check out ExpertWebCreation. They offer different pricing packages that will get what you need or want at a price you can afford. Plus you'll have a "Professional" web page that does justice to your business. Check them out. They'll be glad to help you.
(Now if I can just get them to help me redesign my web page for KayzKreationz) :) You'll love them and their work.

Etsy Blog package giveaway

If you're looking for some help with your Etsy Shop or just a great giveaway, check out this great Business package being offered on the Etsy Blog. It offers some Ad Boxes for your shop, some Photo Editing and some other great prizes. It ends today, so hurry. Just click on the title or here to get to the giveaway:

Etsy Blog giveaway