Thursday, December 25, 2008

Treasury West-Raindrops on Roses

My first Treasury West Raindrops on Roses I'm so excited. There was a promotion thread on etsy about treasuries and treasury lists. If you posted your list you would get it on the front page. I posted mine last night and it was on the FRONT page tonight. It was so great. And then, about 1:00 a.m. I got my FIRST TREASURY WEST with that list. It's called "Raindrops on Roses... These are a few of my favorite things". It features things I really like. Here's the picture. So check it out and leave a comment or make someone on the treasury happy and buy something. :)
Oh and another great thing, I made my 2nd sale on Etsy! This was a good night for me. Hope you all enjoy my Treasury West (and maybe even my shop) Thanks.

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Horse Creek Jewelry said...

Hi KayZ,,,I am so excited for you. I have only been in one treasury so far that hit the front page. Keep promoting and hang in there!