Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Green, Jewelry--And the Shop of the Day

Green recycled bottle cheese server Green can have so many meanings for us. As a color it can be very soothing. Green is a color that has so many shades or hues in nature, all of them beautiful. Green can also mean we're eco-friendly, recycle, and are concerned about the world around us. Each of us has our own idea and feelings about green. Today's shop of the day has a really nice Lily pad print that evokes that calm, peaceful feeling, and also a love for nature and the world around us. The shop is And his Lilypads are gorgeous. Check them out here:
For my green today, it is about recycling and how we recycle things to be useful. Check out Unakite sterling silver necklacemy Wine bottle cheese serving tray, pictured here at

And if you're looking for something green to make you feel better and look pretty, check out http://stringandstones.etsy/ for this great Unakite necklace and earrings set.
And then think about what green means to you. Maybe you'll have a new way to think about green after today.

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