Friday, December 19, 2008

Copper-It’s amazing look, usefulness and qualities and the Shop of the Day

Copper and Red Glass gazing ball Copper is a ductile metal with an excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. When most metals are grayish or silvery, it has an unusual pinkish or peachy color. It is an essential trace element for plant life and humans. There is evidence that copper has been used for various things for thousands of years. The United States and Chile have sizable reserves of it and mine it through large open pit mines. It can be used for electrical wire in homes and electronics plumbing pipes, to make coins, and as an anti-germ surface that can add to the anti-bacterial and antimicrobial features of buildings such as hospitals. It also has a significant Jasper and Copper wire wrapped pendantpresence in decorative art. Some even feel it has curative properties and wear it as jewelry. As it ages or patinas, especially when outside it takes on a beautiful green color. With that in mind the Shop of the Day has some unique copper, glass and stone items for your home and garden. So check out TapestryArabianFarm for items like this Glass Gazing Ball or some of the items in the box to the right. And if your one of those that loves to wear copper, check out my Jasper and Copper Wire-wrapped pendant at KayzKreationz. But if copper isn't your thing, take a peek at STRINGandSTONES for some gorgeous Sterling Silver and Gemstone jewelry like this.

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