Saturday, December 6, 2008

Feeding my Blog and Etsy shop to Twitter--Purple Glass vase

Fused glass Purple vase or candle holder Yay, I think I figured out how to get my Etsy feed and my Blog feed to Twitter. Thanks to Timothy Adam Designs. I should know if I did it right in about an hour. Had a nice afternoon, taking some pictures of some more candle holders I have made up and a nice small purple vase I'm hoping to get listed in the next day or two. Also found my Bud Lite Beer Bottle windchime, so I need to get some pictures of it and list it. I love those windchimes.
My husband spent the day redoing our road. We were able to buy some road base and have it delivered yesterday (3, 18-24 yd belly dump trucks full). So he spent the whole day on his tractor moving it around and smoothing it out, filling in the potholes we had and building it up where it keeps washing out when it rains. LOL Hasn't rained in months (at least not enough to measure), but when it does we're ready! Anyway here's a pic of the purple vase and check my flickr for pictures of his tractor. And my twitter channel is Come follow me.


CT said...

Beautiful purple vase Kay. Would look great in any home. - CT

KayzKreationz said...

Thanks, CT, I'm getting pictures this weekend of several things, and trying to get them listed.

Betsy B. said...

Hi, nice blog. I added the twit this to my blog too! Its a great tool.