Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Children's clothes, totes and Hairbows to match-Shop of the Day

Totes and hairbows Don't you just love little girls clothes? And when they have a tote/purse and hairbow to match, they're adorable. Well if you do, check out the new shop of the day: http://foofooandmore.etsy.com/ The little pillowcase capri dress in the box on the right is adorable. And these totes and hairbows to match any outfit will just make your little one, whether daughter or granddaughter, the "cat's meow"!
And while we're at it, there's been a lot of threads on Etsy lately about helping newbies with 0 sales or few sales. Well this newbie has been in New Orleans with her husband for about 3 years helping do disaster relief and rebuilding work after Hurricane Katrina. She found out she loves to bead in the little bit of spare time she has down there. She really enjoys sterling silver and gemstones, but also likes to use Swarovski crystals. So check out her shop http://stringandstones.etsy.com/ and see if her jewelry just doesn't make your day. Like this one perhaps http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=16664041
And if looking for something for your yard or garden, check out my glass/mosaic items like windchimes, birdfeeders, serving dishes, candle holders, etc. http://kayzkreationz.etsy.com/ or http://kayzkreationz.artfire.com/


Little Pods Clothing said...

oh my goodness- SO cute!!! Question- I noticed you had lables at the bottom of your blog- how do you get those there and do you find they help people find your blog?

KayzKreationz said...

When I do my blog post, it has a place at the bottom before you publish it where you can put in tags/labels. I put in whatever I'm talking about, my etsy shop name, etsy, artfire, etc. I think it helps people find it in a search.
Thanks, Kay