Saturday, May 1, 2010

I won a New Banner and Avatar! Help me pick which one.

Woohoo!  I got notified the other day I had won a new Banner and Avatar set for my Etsy shop, KayzKreationz from Larue Graphics on Etsy.  It's one of his pre-made sets, but he's got some really great designs.  In fact, he's got so many I really like, I'm having a hard time deciding on which set I really like.  Since none of them will really highlight my glass, I want one that will still kind of stay with my color scheme and the fact that I like gardening, too.  Some of these links are not necessarily the color I want, but I intend to ask him if he can change the color if I decide on one that's not the right color.  Anyway, since I'm having such a hard time deciding, I'd like for all my readers to check out the links to the ones I'm leaning towards and leave a comment telling me which one you think I should pick and why.  I'll leave this open for comments until Friday, May 7th, so hopefully I'll get an overwhelming majority. Thanks for any help/ideas you can give me.  Here's the ones I'm leaning towards.  Sorry there's so many.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks, KayzKreationz




KittsKrafts said...

I think #6 is the most suitable banner for your shop. I think the color would be fine also. This one makes me think of glass much more than the others.
Keep up the good work, your shop is cool!

KayzKreationz said...

Thanks Kitts for your input.

Unknown said...

I like #1, but in a different color. :)

Sara said...

I think I like #4... but definitely in a different color.

Laci Jo said...

lol, i cant decide! i really love the black and blue the best, i think the colors are great for your shop