Sunday, May 17, 2009

Recycling, Ficklefaerie and doing your part for the environment.

Reusable Produce Bag I recently entered a blog giveaway for some great looking reusable produce bags and won! I've won several giveaways lately, but this giveaway was really great because it was something I could do to help the environment. I like to recycle as much as I can. I compost, and do other things to try to help the environment. So when I saw this giveaway and then checked out their shop, I was really hoping I'd win. Check out Ficklefaerie on Etsy and you'll be amazed at all the great things they offer to help the environment. So I decided I'd like to know more about why they decided to make these things and how they got started, and asked for an interview. I hope you enjoy getting to know them a little better as much as I did.
1. When and why did you start crafting?
I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. I used to make little dressers for little toads, from my mom and dads cigarette packages. Back in the 60's you had to learn to make do with what you had on hand. There was no such thing as going to craft stores and getting ready made supplies. When I was 10 I got my first sewing machine and the rest is history....
2. What do you enjoy most about your crafting?
I enjoy creating something. I really don't like to repair and alter I enjoy taking a piece of fabric and watching it grow into something. I could never dream of sitting in front of the TV and just watching TV..I always have to be creating while I watch TV.
3. How did you find out about Etsy and why did you start selling there?
I found Etsy 2 and half years ago looking on line for a site to sell on other than ebay. I started selling Bath and body products. It was something my daughter was into and she was spending so much money online buying B&B products I started researching and experimenting. I found Etsy great for my first year but then there were so many B&B sellers popping up it became increasingly hard to get daily sales. Thats when my love of sewing and the enviroment took over...
4. What is the hardest thing to do for your shop or you dislike the most about selling online?
The thing I dislike the most is the constant worrying about whether the mail is going through fast enough. I live way up north and it seems that stuff moves quickly one week and another week it seems to be put on the back of a turtle. I dislike that everyone feels they should have their product in their hands the week after they order. Most large etailers tell you to allow 4-6 weeks but on Etsy it just doesn't seem to be the norm. SO I guess I hate the pressure of having to rush my products out. I am a perfectionist and like to take my time making sure my products are perfect.
5. Do you rely on Etsy to help pay bills or is it mainly for fun & extra spending money?
Etsy is done for fun and some extra spending money. I think in order to make enough money to be an income, you would have to produce larger quantities and higher priced items.
6. Have you tried or do you sell in offline shops? Do you enjoy that more or less than Etsy & why?
I have never sold in off line shops. I have certainly been asked and even bugged at the local farmers market but tsy keeps me busy.
7. Where else can you be found online?
I am on and and but have had 1 sale on each of them. Etsy seems to be the best venue to get steady sales on.

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