Friday, April 24, 2009

ETSY Day is here--Check out great Handmade shops

Etsy Day sign Today's the Day. ETSY day is finally here. Hundreds or maybe even thousands of Etsy buyers/sellers are promoting Etsy in lots of ways. Most are putting an Etsy car sign on their vehicles while they go to work, shopping or just driving around to get the word out about Etsy. Others are leaving fliers and bookmarks around where they shop, eat, or with people they talk to. Some are being interviewed on their local news or newspapers. The idea is to get the word out about Etsy and let people know about a great place to buy genuine HANDMADE items, instead of mass produced. Etsy also has some great supply shops for crafters and wonderful vintage shops for those of us that love vintage (or can't seem to get out of the past) :) So if you're tired of the same old thing for gifts, home decor or even clothing, check out ETSY. Your place for all things Handmade, Supply and Vintage.
I love Etsy for my Stained glass, Mosaics and Fused glass items for Home decor and Yard and Garden decor. If you're tired of the same old birdfeeders, windchimes, plant stakes and decorations for you home and garden check out KayzKreationz. And for gorgeous Sterling Silver, Gemstone and Swarovski crystal jewelry, check out STRINGandStones. You'll love her unique take on jewelry. I own several of her pieces and always get compliments of them whenever I wear them.
So pass the word about a great place to shop: ETSY!


Brandon said...

I didn't now, about Etsy day. Thanks Kay for sharing! I promote Etsy everyday. I'll be out shoping or around town and I start talking about have you heard of Etsy? its great I get people all the time to go on there and check it out. Keep doing what you do Girl! You Rock!


CT said...

Thanks for the reminder Kay! Woo Hoo for Etsy Day! - CT