Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today is EARTH day. What is everyone doing to help the earth? I always try to plant something. And I don't use chemicals in my yard or garden at any time. I recycle most of the year too. And with my glass I try to recycle bottles, shells, etc. for some of my art. Then I also create things to help the wildlife, like my birdbaths, birdfeeders, butterfly baths, etc. We need all those critters to keep our gardens/yards growing. You can check out some of my glass items at KayzKreationz. Will be a new birdfeeder/birdbath/butterfly bath listed tonight.
What do you do to help the earth & environment?

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Jamie's Jewels said...

I do all the outdoor stuff, like bird feeders and such..My backyard is a nature sanctuary...It is soo relaxing! Nice reminder to treat our earth great!