Thursday, January 1, 2009

Red is such a Cheery color-Jewelry and Glass

Red sterling silver and carnelian necklace I love Red. It is such a cheery color. It always makes me feel better. But it also brings out passion in people. Whether it is passion for someone or something. It can brighten our day and cheer us up, especially if it's the color of something someone has given us. If you're looking to cheer yourself or someone else up, or just make someone's day, check out this great Red coral and pearl necklace and earring set. It's certain to do just that. And you can also help make STRINGandSTONES day by giving her that 1st sale! And if coral and pearls aren't quite your thing, but you still love red and that chunky look, take a peek at this gorgeous Carnelian necklace. It's great.
But if jewelry isn't what you're after, then I've got some great glass items that are either red or have red in them. Things for your home and garden, like a cute ladybug plant stake for your potted plants or flower bed, or this pretty little Mosaic birdfeeder with 3 little birdhouses in it. Or even this great red Poinsettia glass panel. You can find them at KayzKreationz.


CT said...

Beautiful items Kay! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year! - CT

KayzKreationz said...

Thanks CT. Hope your ready for a good year. :) Kay