Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All things Texas, horses, outhouses and Shop of the Day

Red Texas Glass Kiln Carving I love Texas. All things Texas. So today's shop tickled me with 2 things I usually associate with Texas. (Yes I know, the outhouse is mainly a country thing, for anywhere) PinkParchmentSoaps has the cutest soaps in all sorts of shapes and designs. And best of all they're made with natural ingredients! For just a glimpse of what she's got take a peek at the horse head soap and the outhouse soap in the box to the right. I love horses, so that one really appealed to me. And the outhouse just made me laugh. Now we all need soaps so this is a great shop to visit.
However, if you want something Texas but not something that will disappear shortly (after it's used up) check out my Texas kiln carving pictured here. You can find it at my shops on either Etsy or Artfire. There's all kinds of unique glass items in either shop.And if you don't necessarily want something Texas, but want to support a newbie from Texas and help her get her first sale check out STRINGandSTONES for some gorgeous jewelry.

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Yea for Texans!