Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Business Cards-2

KayzKreationz Business Card Ok, the consensus has been that the one without my name repeated is the better of the two. However, I've also had a couple of suggestions about changing the font for the middle of the card, making it simpler/cleaner and aligning everything one way or another as opposed to in the middle. So, I've tweaked the card a little, (still working on the photos) and here's what I've got now. Do you think this is even better? Easier to read perhaps? I don't favor putting my phone number on as yet, since it is my cell and the only phone number I have. I feel like they can e-mail me or visit one of my sites if they really want to order. Also, when I get my own website redone, I'll have that on here and they'll be able to contact me from that. So, what do you think folks? Is this the winner?
As an aside, someone also suggested perhaps putting product photos on the back of the card? Do you feel like that would be a good idea? Thanks for all the help and suggestions you've given me so far. I really appreciate it.


SolSisters said...

definite improvement. Two sided cards are not that much more expensive than one sided cards and you can split the back up into 4 pictures.

LOl.. I had no idea I was missing a follow button. I've just installed one in the left hand column

KayzKreationz said...

Thanks SolSisters. I just haven't decided about the back yet.

jacjewelry said...

I used to have both front and back, but after a while I stopped doing it... A picture on the front is sufficient, I thought, and it was cheaper to not get the back printed.

Brandon said...

they look good Kay!