Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love to Sew? Love to Decorate? Check out Today's Shop

Pink Black Magnolia fabric I used to sew. When my boys were younger and even later on, I would make them clothes, make dresses for me and even made complete Snow Ski outfits for the whole family so we would match when we were on the slopes. I'll have to see if I can find some pictures of that. But if you like to sew and decorate, then today's shop is for you. Check out BrickHouseFabrics for some great novelty fabrics for your decorating needs. They carry an extensive line of fabrics in all kinds of prints for everyone's tastes and favorites. You can see a couple in the box to the right and here's another one of my favorites. Maybe because I love Nature things. So if you're looking to spruce something up, or just feel like decorating something, check them out.
And if you're ready to spruce your garden up for the spring, check out KayzKreationz for plant stakes, windchimes, garden twirlers, birdfeeders and more.
And to spruce yourself up, check out STRINGandSTONES for some gorgeous jewelry. Have a special occasion coming up? She's got something that would make a great gift for your loved one.

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