Monday, July 13, 2009

Crochet, Handcrafted Apparel and Accessories-Great Texas Etsy shops-Lavenderlizard

Flower and Leaf crocheted Vine Scarf
I'm a member of Etsy Texas Crafters and whenever I'm posting or just reading in our Etsy threads, I always see Lavenderlizard there helping promote other great Etsy shops. I've checked her shop several times and she has the cutest crocheted, handcrafted accessories and apparel, so I decided to ask her for an interview. The picture here is just one of her great items you might want to check out, along with the 2 items in my Web ring box on the right. I hope you enjoy this interview and her great Texas Shop.
1. When and Why did you start crafting?
I learned to crochet, cross-stitch and embroider when I was about 7 or 8. My mom taught me how to crochet, she also tried to teach me how to knit, but I'm just not coordinated enough to work with 2 needles.
2. What do you enjoy most about your crafting?
I really enjoy making practical and beautiful items. My great-grandmother and great-aunt both also crocheted, so I like that I have that connection to them.
3. How did you find out about Etsy and why did you start selling there?
I heard about Etsy on a website for moms. I checked into it and decided to jump right in.
4. What is the hardest thing to do for your shop or you dislike most about selling online?
The hardest thing for me is the time it takes to take decent photographs, crop them, upload them to Etsy, write an engaging description, etc. So the "listing" of an item takes nearly as much time as creating the item in the first place (not really, though-I tend to exaggerate).
5. Do you rely on Etsy to help pay bills or is it mainly for fun & extra spending money?
I would love to be able to rely on Etsy for full-time income. However, right now I'm basically reinvesting Etsy income into more yarn and supplies.
6. Have you tried or do you sell in offline shops? Do you enjoy that more or less than Etsy & why?
I don't sell offline right now, except to friends and family who request special items. So far, I have managed to avoid craft shows, because I find it difficult to "market" myself in person.
7. Where else can you be found online?
I have a blog (, and I twitter ( I also have a Facebook account (Elizabeth Kalka) and a Dwanda shop (, neither of which I spend much time on.
I hope you've enjoyed this interview as much as I've enjoyed talking with her and finding out more about her craft. And be sure to check out Lavenderlizard on Etsy.


Kathy said...

Great interview! Thanks

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You always have such nice posts about other Etsy shops.

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Thanks sassy. I enjoy doing it.

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Nice to get to know you better, Liz.