Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bead Soup 7 and my Partner

Yay! I'm participating in Lori Anderson's 7th Bead Soup Blog party.  I got my notice of my partner last week.  It's Ann Sherwood from Wisconsin.  To find out more about her, check out her blog, Ann's Blog.  I had already started putting some soup to simmer on the stove, but wanted to check with her that there went any ingredients she just couldn't handle or wouldn't enjoy.  She assured me she was up for pretty much anything.  So I put the finishing touches/spices in the soup and got it mailed off to her last week.  If everything goes right with the Post Office (LOL) it should be arriving at her house today.  Her soup to me is also scheduled to be delivered today.  But knowing my post office,  that's a big IF.  They sometimes decide packages won't fit in my LARGE mailbox without even trying and just leave me a message that I have a package waiting for me in town, 12-15 miles away.  So we'll see when I go up the road to the main road to check my mail this afternoon.  Hopefully it will be there for me to sample.  Stay tuned for all the reveals.  This party was so large Lori had to divide it into 3 reveals.  I'm in the last reveal in April.  Check the button on the left of my blog for the 3 reveal dates.  There was over 500 participating in the Blog Hop party, plus some participating on Facebook because they don't have blogs.  It's a blast.  There's tons of awesome designers and designs in these parties.  Lastly, here's a peek at the soup I sent Ann.
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