Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Starseed Jewelry: A Struggling Artist -- GIVEAWAY!!!

Aren't these pretty pendants?  They're made by Laurel Steven's from Polymer Clay.  She's having a difficult time right now and could use some help.  So Terri at Starseed Jewelry is hosting a giveaway of 2 of her own gorgeous (these 2) pendants from Laurel.  Go to Starseed Jewelry blog to check it out. Here's just a peek:  Starseed Jewelry: A Struggling Artist -- GIVEAWAY!!!: Last March I created a necklace which sold in a nanosecond. I think a lot of the credit goes to Laurel Steven's magnificant polymer clay...

And if you're looking for some great gifts, check out my shop, KayzKreationz for Stained Glass, Mosaics, Fused Glass and Beaded/Wire-wrapped Jewelry Kreationz.


Baking Beads in the Keys said...

Kay: Is there a way to follow your blog? I only see a "follow your twitter" and I don't have a twitte account.


Mina said...

I love the pendant :)