Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting ready to Garden

Next to my glass, gardening is probably my biggest passion. I love to plant things and watch them grow. I even enjoy just going out and standing there with the water hose and watering them. However, my biggest battle with my garden is "GRASSHOPPERS". I'm still trying to find something that will help me win that battle. As I find things, I'll post more about them.
But this post if mainly about the plants I just got. I've been wanting to try some heirloom tomatoes for a while. And since we're in San Antonio for a few day, I just went to Antique Rose Emporium and found a couple to try. I got "Cherokee Purple", "Brandywine" and a "Black Cherry" cherry tomato to try. One of the other buyers there assured me if I can win the battle of the grasshoppers, my Cherokee Purple tomato will offer up a huge plant that may cause me problems keeping staked and large, tasty tomatoes.
I also got some more Mexican Marigold Mint which can be substituted for Tarragon and has the prettiest little yellow flowers and a great licorice smell, plus some yarrow, poppies, Evergreen Wisteria, Coral Bean Vine, and a Vichenbleu antique Rose. Although I prefer roses that bloom repeatedly or at least a couple of times, this one is gorgeous purple and I just couldn't resist. So I have my work cut out for me when I get home, getting the garden ready to plant and then watching for the last frost to put everything out. Will have to baby them until then.
Plus get my birdfeeders recleaned, my hummingbird feeders out, my birdbath cleaned out again, and the birdhouses checked and recleaned if nothing has moved in yet. And I got a butterfly house from Andrews Reclaimed to put up for the "TONS" of butterflies I'm hoping to attract this year. See you soon.


sassyglassdesigns said...

Sounds like you've got everything covered. I can't wait to get our garden started and when the birds come in. I get a ton of hummingbirds, and orioles, and blue buntings and they are gorgeous.

Kathy said...

Sounds wonderful. My husband is the gardener at our house. I'm not a big fan of the sun or the heat any more. He has tables of things growing from seed under lights in the basement right now. I am posting a slideshow of the seedlings progress on my blog.

Good luck with all your plants. I'm sure they'll be great!

jacjewelry said...

I love gardening too - the mint sounds wonderful, and I just love poppies! You will have to take pictures of all this! :)

Audrey said...

I finally ordered my seeds this week - should get them next week sometime, but the garden is still covered in snow. We usually plant in the middle of May to avoid the frost. Have fun!!

coltpixy said...

Snow on the ground here. If you figure out what to do with the grasshoppers I would appreciate a holler. Pesky things were bad here last year.

Sinclair said...

Yum! I'm trying Cherokee Purple this year also!