Monday, February 23, 2009

Bee Box Giveaway for your garden

If you love gardening, the outdoors and wildlife, this giveaway will interest you.

About the Mason Bee Box:
This garden accessory, once populated with bees, is sure to bring more fruit and vegetables to your garden, and do so in an eco-friendly way. All Bee Boxes are constructed from reclaimed cedar or fir.With these handsome Blue Orchard Bee Boxes, you can bring greater yields from your garden, and they make a great gift for anyone who enjoys gardening. Simply hang it near your garden, preferably facing East or South, in a shady spot where the box will be dampened from time to time. The stainless steel hanger hoop driven into the back at an angle in the back allows the hole entrances to face slightly downward, to prevent rainwater from entering the holes.
So check out the giveaway here for you chance to win. I've got one of his butterfly houses and they're great.

And if you're looking for something else unique for your garden, check out my mosaic birdfeeder/bath which can also be used as a butterfly bath at KayzKreationz.

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