Saturday, January 11, 2014

Into the Forest Blog Hop

A while back, Lisa Lodge of A Grateful Artist sent out a challenge. She was providing beads for a blog hop with the theme, "Into the Forest".  The challenge was to see how we would interpret that theme with these beads. I signed up and love the beads I received. They look to me to be a jasper of some kind with the dark green donut that reminds me of deep into the forest.  I immediately thought of my red jasper beads that would help bring out the greens of the forest along with the changing colors of the forest as it moves into the fall months.  I love fall and the colors it brings, although we don't really get much color here in Texas.  But I grew up in the Ozarks of Missouri and miss those colors every fall.   I also had this great copper leaf chain that I thought would be wonderful with all that fall color and remind us of all the leaves, falling or not, in the forest. Here's the beads I received and my beads I added.

However, in the last 3 months, I've been gone on trips 3 times, had company for a week or more twice and ended up cutting fingers on both hands.  So my creating has been a little challenged.  But I finally got to start yesterday, so hoping I get both the pieces I envisioned finished in time.  The first thing I wanted to make was either an anklet or some more boot jewelry.  I'm not sure this is long enough to wrap around your boot, although I could add more jump ring links and make it long enough. I need to measure it.  But as an anklet it turned out great. I cut off a small piece of the leaf chain, wire-wrapped three of the stoned I received and six of the medium size jasper beads and interspersed them with the leaves. I wire-wrapped the small jasper with brass headpins so it would look like small shafts of light shining through the forest. I'm not real pleased with the closure yet, but I can always change that later.

My next piece is this necklace. I wire-wrapped some of the green jasper beads with the small glass seed beads. Then I wire-wrapped 2 small jasper beads with one of the green crystals. And finally I wire-wrapped a medium jasper bead. I joined all these links with copper jump rings to the green wire-wrapped donut bead. On the opposite side I added some more of the copper leaf chain with medium jasper beads wire-wrapped and interspersed in between the leaves. I really like the way this necklace turned out, although for the life of me I can't find my copper leaf toggle bar clasp I had for it. So I'll be switching that out when I can find it. LOL

And finally, here's a pair of earrings I made with some of the larger green jasper beads, the green crystals and the small and large size red jasper beads I had.  I wanted the large red jasper beads to dangle. I tried them on these gold toned ear wires.  But I'm not sure I like them, so I may be changing out the ear wires for copper ones as soon as I get a chance to make some.  And another pair of earrings with 2 more of the larger nuggets and the crystals and my medium jasper beads. I love wire-wrapping the nuggets and the jasper beads.  I have plans for a bracelet, but ran out of time.  Hope you like all my designs. Let me know what you think.

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Charis Designs said...

The wrapping on the donut pendant is so pretty- what a lovely focal it makes. I really like the way the necklace is put together- and the leaves on both the necklace and the bracelet are great! Christie

Veralynne Malone said...

Beautiful. I love how you wrapped the pendant....Great job. Thanks for posting!

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I love them all, Kay... the cool anklet, wonderful wire-wrapped donut necklace, and one can never have too many earrings LOL.

Hope you are having a quieter month... sounds like you deserve it!

Shaiha said...

Oh what great designs! I love how you wrapped the donut. What really caught my attention was the idea of boot jewelry. I practically live in boots during the winter so thank you for the great idea!

Christine said...

I'm very impressed with what you accomplished in a day! I love all of your pieces and your wire-wrapping!!

Dolores~CraftyD's Creations said...

Love all of your pretty jewelry. My favorite is the necklace, I especially like how you wire wrapped the donut bead.

Kathy Lindemer said...

I love your wire wrapping around the donut. Well done!

Molly Alexander said...

Such beautiful designs - organic and earthy and wearable. I'm glad you are feeling better! :)

Alice said...

Gorgeous pieces! I love the anklet with all those leaf dangles. All pieces represent the forest nicely.

Jo-Ann said...

Wow! Love the wirework on the donut! Great job!!

Cornerstoregoddess said...

Awesome wire wrapping on that necklace. Big wow.

Jasvanti Patel said...

I absolutely love all your pieces, great pieces.

Christina Miles said...

Ooohhh, soooo pretty, all of your pieces. I think your boot anklets are very cool! I have been seeing more and more of those..

Janine said...

You made great use of the beads you received. Very pretty pieces of jewelry!

Anonymous said...

Love how you wire-wrapped that donut! Your pieces are gorgeous, the leaf-chain definitely suits the theme very well.

Dini Bruinsma said...

That's a very good addition, those leaves. It makes the Forest pop (-: Nice to see the asymmetric design, I love that! And your use of colours...
Pretty, each piece of jewellery!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

I love these designs, Kay! Especially the earrings - I would wear those a lot. I like how you wrapped the wire around the pendant. Very pretty. Thanks for being in the hop!

Ema Kilroy said...

Wonderful pieces. Those leaves are fantastic. I think I'm partial to the necklace, it is so pretty.

Alicia said...

Oh, my, Kay - all your designs are gorgeous! I am very partial to the necklace, I love asymmetrical pieces, and your doughnut wire-wrapping is so gorgeous. Wonderful work!

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

Oh, what a pretty mix and gorgeous jewelry! The green gems you received are indeed jasper -- they are "Peace jasper" beads. I love the soft green and soft creamy swirls of Peace jasper! One of my favorite gems :) And the jewelry you created -- in a day!-- is wonderful! Love wirework, and your anklet/boot jewelry, necklace and earrings are awesome! The donut focal looks amazing with your touch, Kay, and the earrings are warm & pretty. Adding your autumn jasper to the mix was perfect! Beautiful jewelry art!

Carolyn said...

Like what you made and especially the wire-work on the donut.


KayzKreationz said...

Thanks all for your comments. And thanks Rita for the info on the Peace jasper. I didn't know what kind it was, but really like it.

kmorgan said...

Wow! Love, love, love what you created! You had a wonderful group of beads to work with. Great wire work - it makes the focal stand out so nicely. I hope to get my project finished this week. Got really sick with the cedar.

Kathleen said...

Such beauty and wonderful wire wrapping. The wrapping on the donut is perfection. The hiatus of jewelry making does not show in your work, I believe it inspired you even more.