Thursday, May 23, 2013

Multistrand Jewelry Secrets for Success Book Review from Kalmbach Books

Last week I received 2 great books from Kalmbach Books. The first one is Multistrand Jewelry.  It has a variety of contributors featured in it, like Brenda Schweder, Linda Hartung, Naomi Fujimoto and Andrea Marshall, to name just a few.  If you're looking to branch your jewelry making out into Multistrand pieces, this is a fabulous book. Each project/section has a box for Techniques, Supplies, Secrets for Success and Design Alternative. I really like the Design Alternative box, since it holds additional tips about supplies, bead colors and alternative ways to create the design that may appeal to you more. It covers Basic Techniques as well as Tools and Materials and a part on Multistrand Secrets for Success for things you might not think about when moving from single to multistrand projects.  Then it gets right into the meat of the book, the projects.  It is packed full of awesome designs/projects to make you drool.  It starts out with a Multicolored, Multifaceted, Multistrand project that is gorgeous. Although the main project uses gemstone strands, pearls and spacers, it also gives you a design alternative using one type of gemstone, but in different colors, textures/shapes that changes the whole look of the piece. I love this one.  It goes into using seed beads in multistrands with a large focal with the ability to swap out focals for a different look. There's a great bracelet made with paper beads (can't wait to try that one) and then a gorgeous Ribbon Style necklace that uses different ribbons, knot tying, large hole beads and actually was the inspiration for one of my Bead Soup Blog Party necklaces. I love this one for it's romantic feel.  There's a Gilded Cuff bracelet that I'm really anxious to try using beads, memory wire and a brass filigree flower that you patina with Gilder's paste along with some of the bead caps.  All in all, if you're wanting to expand your jewelry making to multistrand pieces this is a fabulous book.  Although I've been trying to do more multistrand pieces in my jewelry, I learned so much from this book and got so many tips and ideas, it was fantastic.  You can purchase this book from Kalmbach books HERE.  You won't be sorry. Here's a picture or two to whet your appetite. Then RUN (SURF) to Kalmbach books to get your copy.

I will soon be listing some of the pieces I've made from the inspiration in this book in my shop, KayzKreationz so check it out.  I also carry Stained Glass, Mosaics and Fused Glass Kreationz for your Home and Garden.


Emakaye said...

Looks like a wonderful book. Multi strands is something I have been working on for a while and could use a little direction.

kmorgan said...

I love this book! It has so many ideas to choose from that can be tweaked to make them your own. Thanks for sharing, Kay!