Sunday, July 8, 2012

A BIG Giveaway! on Pretty Things

I love Lori's Pretty Things Blog! She always has such inspiring posts, ideas, giveaways, Blog Hops and more.  This time she's outdone herself.  She's having a BIG giveaway.  A (Five) Bead and Button Bead Giveaways!  She's got 5 different giveaways going at the same time.  They're all great.  But she makes it SOOOO difficult.  When you post a comment, you have to let her know which one of the 5 is your favorite!  I just couldn't decide.  I had it narrowed down to 3, but still couldn't decide my favorite.  So rush right over to her blog, Pretty Things and check out the giveaways, her ideas, and leave a comment to win.
This is just one of the giveaways she's got going.  Aren't they fabulous?

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