Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Garden Twirlers-Being Redesigned

I love these little Garden Twirlers. They are my own creation. They just dangle, twirl and dance in the wind.  I love things for the garden and in playing around with my glass, wanted to make something besides windchimes for my garden. Viola!  The problem is, they don't really show well in pictures online.  In person, they draw quite a crowd and sales at shows.  But in pictures they hang too long and just don't show up well.  So, I've decided to redesign them for my online shops, KayzKreationz at Etsy, and KayzKreationz at Artfire.  The first one to be redone will be this Beige and Purple Garden Twirler that is featured on Artfire.  It's beige and purple diamond shaped glass pieces hung from a piece of driftwood found on our small Texas Wildlife Ranch.  So if you've hearted this Garden Twirler on Artfire and want it the way it is, you'll have to make up your mind pretty quick.  I'll be redesigning it in the next day or so and it will be no more.  Also, unfortunately the price will have to go up, since I'll be adding some extra things to it.  I'm hoping to get better pricing on it, though.  This Purple Garden Twirler on Etsy will be next.  Again, if you've hearted it or been watching it, make your move now before it's redone.  I'm hoping the new design will sell better online.  I'll be posting when I get them redesigned with the new pics and the new listings.  Meanwhile, if you're dying for some Glass Kreationz for you Home or Garden be sure to check out both my shops.  KayzKreationz on Etsy and KayzKreationz on Artfire.  Enjoy.


Teresa Kline said...

very cool, like the design...hope your week is awesome!

found you through the etsy blogging team

enjoy *~*

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