Friday, April 29, 2011

Hummingbirds are here.

A few weeks ago, I posted 2 different posts with some interesting facts about hummingbirds.  I put up 2 of my feeders and have been rewarded with hummingbirds all around trying to get to the nectar, not only at my feeders, but also at all my plants that are blooming right now.  As part of our Wildlife management, we have to plant things that will attract butterflies, small songbirds, game birds, other birds, etc.  We've had some success with it. We now have turkeys hanging around all the time in the back pasture by our water trough, birds everywhere by the water trough and the birdbaths.  A multitude of other birds by the plants, grasses, water, etc.  We even have some resident buzzards that love hanging around for some reason.  Anyway, as promised, here's a couple of pictures I got of one of the hummingbirds at one of my feeders, along with a picture of one of the turkeys, and one of our buzzards.  I hope you enjoy them.  And for some great Mosaic Stained Glass feeders to feed your birds, check out my Etsy shop, KayzKreationz.  I'm also working on getting some Glass Kreationz hummingbird feeders made and listed.


Raige Creations said...

awesome pictures!!
we had buzzards hanging around our yard the other day. I couldn't tell what they were (thought it might be a hawk) until I enlarged the picture. ugly head = buzzard.
I will post in my blog on Walking on Wednesday series soon. I was disappointed they weren't hawks. but still....rabbit and squirrels and robins are normal sightings so this was something different. :)

KayzKreationz said...

Thanks Raige. They're not pretty, but they do serve a useful purpose. Have some other great pictures of the turkey, and some butterflies. Will be trying to get them posted also.

Clayworks by Lisa Boucher said...

Yay - I Love hummingbirds ~ good reminder to put the feeders out. Awesome mosaicz. :)

Andrew Thornton said...

Lovely photos. They remind me of where I live now. I live in rural Pennsylvania filled with buzzing hummingbirds and lots of wild turkeys. I'll be planting tons of flowers to attract birds, bees and butterflies to help pollinate the garden.