Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poll update

Well, the poll is over.  I didn't get quite as many votes as I'd hoped.  But of the votes I did get, an overwhelming 54% feels it's "Extremely" important to either send or receive a "Handwritten" thank you note with purchases.  What really surprised me was that 12% felt it was "Not Very" important at all.  I'm not sure if that 12% was from sellers or buyers.  But in this day and age, with customer service what it is, or perhaps I should say "What it IS NOT", I would have thought more would have that it was "Extremely" or "Somewhat" important and fewer would feel "Not Very".  I know I appreciate a "Handwritten" thank you much more than a preprinted one and a lot more than nothing or no acknowledment at all of my business.   That is why, with EVERY purchase from my shop KayzKreationz, I send a "Handwritten" thank you note with the purchase.  I want my customers to know I truly value and appreciate their business.  They could have bought elsewhere, yet they loved my Stained Glass, Mosaics or Fused Glass so much, they purchase from me.  Thank you to all my Etsy customers.  And watch this spot for some exciting news in the very near future.  Happy Shopping all!

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